Omnichannel Solutions in Asia Pacific

Click & Collect

Direct digitals shoppers to order online and pick up in your store.

Plug store availability data into the web and connect shop assistants to incoming collection orders.

In-store Returns

Welcome your customers back into the store to return or exchange unwanted online purchases.

Get products back on the shelf as quickly as you can.

Endless Aisle

Provide an endless selection of products in even the smallest store. Take an order for stock that’s in another store, and save the sale.

With a handheld digital lookbook, the sales associate can inspire and guide customers to explore new ranges and new products.

Ship from Store

Extend the range of products available online by offering every last size and style, from anywhere you have it.

Purecomm provides a simple and seamless process for store staff to pick, pack, label and ship, and to book a courier collection.

Fulfil from every store

Small stores welcome customers to pick up or return their online orders.

Orders are pre-packaged and clearly labelled by the warehouse, and sent to the store for collection.

Regional stores provide fast services to local customers, with reduced shipping costs.

Stores pick and pack a few orders at the start of each day; either for the customers to collect, or to ship.

Larger stores become efficient distribution centres, extending the range of products online.

Dedicated staff pick several times each day. Fast turnaround supports premium delivery services.

Care for your customers

Adjustments & Cancellations

It’s sometimes only when the customer gets their confirmation email that they realise what they’ve ordered.

Wrong size? Wrong colour? Too many? Or just a change of heart; Purecomm allows your customer to make adjustments to an order, right up to the moment it goes out the door.

Discounts & Appeasements

Don’t leave your customer feeling they have missed out. If they forgot to enter a promotion code online, or just missed the the end-of-season sale; don’t ask them to place a new order, just enable the discount.

And if you ever need to apologise, Purecomm lets you refund shipping fees, provide a partial refund, or issue a gift certificate.

Silent Fraud Control

There’s active online fraud, and it’s important to screen for it - but that doesn’t mean you need to keep your customer waiting.

Purecomm gets started on the order fulfilment, even whilst a fraud review is underway. As soon as an order is approved, it’s ready to go out of the door, within the normal delivery times.

Customer Self-Service

Reduce the load on your customer care team, and deliver faster service to your customer.

With Purecomm, the customer can track their own order, and make their own adjustments; and workflows for customer care can be automated.

Dropship and Partner Fulfilment

Vendor Dropship

Purecomm provides a dedicated shipping console for your vendor to use in their warehouse, and sends requests to them when customers place an order.

Everything arrives to your customer with branded packaging and paperwork, and the whole process is trackable and visible to your customer care team in the Purecomm console.

Franchise Collaboration

Rethink the conflict between the online brand website and the local market franchise partner.

With Purecomm, the sales associate can introduce a customer to the flagship online store, knowing that an order placed online will be routed to their store for shipping, and credited to them for sales commission.

Regional consolidation

Extend your online product selection across Asia Pacific with a centralised pool of inventory in Hong Kong. Our 3PL partners can manage the process end-to-end.

Purecomm generates customs documentation for the cross-border shipment, and the customer just sees the local market landed price, including all tax and duty. Everything else is invisible.